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Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud Management Platforms

A cloud management system allows companies to manage the lifecycle of cloud-based services and resources. It gives full visibility to every environment that an enterprise has in place, whether they are hybrid, public or private. It monitors each agoradesign.it one to ensure that it’s effectively utilized. It also permits the automation of cloud management tasks to optimize resource utilization.

The best cloud management platforms have a variety of tools to assist you in coordinating your cloud deployment, monitoring, optimization and cost management processes. Here are a few key characteristics to look for:

Integration It should be easy to integrate with your current IT configuration software, DevOps, and other management systems. It should also support discovery of all your cloud assets, application of tags for effective resource management and provisioning/de-provisioning of cloud resources. It should also come with the ability to migrate cloud resources to support shifting workloads from one cloud to another.

Cost Management – It will provide you with a precise overview of your cloud usage via interactive cost analytics dashboards and comprehensive recommendations to help reduce your overall cloud costs. It should also include tools for capacity forecasting and planning to assist you plan your budget.

CMPs are specifically designed to suit specific environments and differ in their design principles. There isn’t a universally-fits all cloud management solution. It is crucial to evaluate your own approach before deciding the CMP.


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