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9 Must-Read Share Market Books

9 Must-Read Share Market Books

stock trading

This book by Indian value investor Rahul Sarogi explains all about value investing in the country and the potential investment opportunities that remain untapped. It also talks about the government, politics, and other factors affecting the market to provide a clear picture of the market scenario in the country. Top investor Peter Lynch penned down his successful style of investment in this book. It provides essential details on how to choose a stock and how to invest. He has well-explained the real scenario of the Indian stock market and he himself used some winning strategies, which he had noted down in his work.

But if your essential on stock marketing is not at all clear, then your investments and trading will become a time-waster, and you will gradually lose money. Some explanations are also there regarding the ups and downs of the stock market. The most important rule is the Golden Rule and some easy to use plans to make a profit and don’t teach any loss in the stock market. The book also provides explanations of fundamental and technical stock market analysis. You will also find examples and quotes of big investors in the stock market like Benjamin Graham, Philip Fisher, John Templeton, and many more. The author placed this book in natural language and simple ways of understanding.

Best Stock Market Books For Beginners By Indian Authors

The Unusual Billionaires tells the story of eight, truly outstanding companies which delivered 10 percent revenue growth over the last ten years and 15 percent return on capital employed. In simple words, these companies defeated 5000 other public listed companies to deliver high growth while maintaining profitability year-on-year for the last decade. If you are interested to learn Technical Analysis I have shortlisted some books on Technical Analysis. Best stock discovery tool with +130 filters, built for fundamental analysis.

This book is an eye-opener on how to manage your emotions when you are in a trade. The concepts have been written in such a simplified manner that even a novice trader can understand them easily. The book teaches us how to Invest with whatever Information we have as Retail Investors. Simple investing rules and Investment ideas are explained in an Interesting Manner.

Best Books on Indian Stock Market for Beginners

“Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” by Philip A. Fisher is a classic book on growth investing. Fisher’s investment philosophy focuses on identifying companies with strong growth potential and investing in them long-term. The book provides practical advice on evaluating a company’s growth potential, including its management team and industry trends. It is considered to be a biography of one of the greatest stock market investors Jesse Livermore. This book provides a realistic account of the struggles, failures, contradictions, redemptions that a stock market investor goes through.

  • You can study the fundamentals of the share market from top stock books for beginners.
  • Books can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the stock market and investing compared to shorter articles or online resources.
  • In reality, this book is a collection of letters that Warren Buffet wrote to the shareholders explaining them the tricks and methodologies of investment.
  • It is advised to invest in the market only after reading this book on share market.
  • The different terms of the stock market are complicated to understand by the new investors, thus referring to the books could make it easier for them.
  • The Money Manual is an excellent guide for millennials and the young generation who intend to invest in the stock market or businesses but are not sure how and where to begin.

If you wonder how to begin such an encounter, make sure you receive knowledge from authentic books and investors. Actually, I think this book is also required for the investors who are staying away from the direct investing in stocks and has exposure in equity through mutual funds only. There exist thousands of books on investing in the stock market but readers have to be careful enough to choose only the best to ensure a rich learning experience. Following are the Best stock market books by Indian authors giving you a local perspective on investing. By far, this is one among the best stock market books for the Indian investor, Paul has written the “starter book” for every Indian novice investor today. Reading is made engaging as Paul writes as if telling a story, with information cleverly weaved into the narrative.

Prasenjit Paul has tried to convey some important strategies in this stock market book to acquire regular and consistent returns from the market. The manner for picking the plans and method to do investment, all factors have been described by the author. In this article, we will cover the top 10 share market books which have been mentioned below. So, contact us and utilise your stock market knowledge to gain valuable returns. If you want to avoid making the same errors as newcomers to the stock market, you should read this book beforehand. Remember that in the stock market, learning from your errors costs money since there is so much at risk.

The book explains how one should go about analysing companies, the management, the important ratios, helps understand annual reports and explains how to calculate intrinsic value. In this book, Paul explains the importance of timing while picking the right stock and holding it for the right period. What makes the book even better is the 2-minute strategy included to shortlist/reject stocks in 2 mins. Jitendra Gala has been working towards Trading and Investing education for over 2 decades.


Paul stresses on the fact that the only way to get rich, or decently wealthy in the stock market is by buying high quality stocks and holding them for the long term. One of the reasons may be attributed to the author, Benjamin Graham, mentor to Warren Buffett. The book begins by explanations of the basics of the stock market from the perception of value investors.

A true-blue book for all Indian investors, this guide is simple to follow and is one of the best stock trading books for beginners. Importantly, the author tells you what mistakes to avoid and the advice comes from years of experience. This book has a brief answer to your questions about investing money in share markets. It gives more information about retail investors and helps them out by providing the knowledge you should acquire while spending. It provides a vivid idea about investors’ income and marks the spots and how some lose money at share markets.

  • It gives more information about retail investors and helps them out by providing the knowledge you should acquire while spending.
  • To help you with this, here are some of the trading books that provide you an understanding of strategies and parameters to look at while taking any decision.
  • With so many resources available online, students have access to a wealth of knowledge and can easily find the best books to suit their interests and learning styles.
  • However, you should always practice caution and discuss the latest happenings with reliable financiers before investing.
  • Considered a classic by trading professionals, this book talks about the preparation that comes before investing, along with the author’s distinctive way to choose stocks.

What makes it even better is that it guides its readers on where and how to start investing in the stock market. The Money Manual is an excellent guide for millennials and the young generation who intend to invest in the stock market or businesses but are not sure how and where to begin. This book covers various financial topics, including how to manage finances, set financial goals, etc. Investing in the stock market is considered as a high-risk investment and knowing the strategies and fundamental of the stock market could reduce the risk for the investors. Avoiding stocks touching 52 low in a bull market- When a stock feels 52 weeks low in a bull market, it indicates weakness in a particular business. Investors who are planning for long-term investments in this business can incur a loss over a short time.

Past performance of instruments/securities does not indicate their future performance. Due to the price fluctuation risk and the market risk, there is no guarantee that your personal investment objectives will be achieved. This book is a collection of letters and essays that Warren Buffett wrote over the years. The book covers several topics, including his views on investing, corporate governance, and the importance of ethical behavior in business. The book provides knowledge of Buffett’s investment philosophy and is an excellent resource for investors interested in learning from one of the most successful investors ever.

Must Read Stock Trading Books For Beginners

We have compiled a list of such books with top ratings and reader reviews. Stock market investing for avid investors & beginners will exhibit how to make a small investment for a better tomorrow. The principles and practices of mutual funds will be thoroughly understood by learners after reading this book, allowing them to effectively serve mutual fund investors. A variety of educational tools, including case studies, practical examples, and assessments, are included in the book to help students implement their knowledge in real-world situations. Stock market investing book to learn from the most successful investors of all time. The book provides an in-depth analysis of Warren Buffett’s investment style and philosophy, including his emphasis on value investing and long-term holding periods.


One of the best trading books around, Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, has a simple message. He recommends you go into trading by keeping costs reduced, investing long term. This is a book that risk-averse traders and investors will be attracted to, since it talks about active strategies to keep your losses at bay. In fact, if you are a little apprehensive about trading to begin with, this is one of the best share market books you should read first. A bestseller of a book, it offers practical and sensible ways to make money. Anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of stock trading should read Taxmann’s Investing in Stock Markets.

To understand the market and make the right move at a time, this book will help you find your chances. It will build your character and personality concerning the physiological factors. This book is useful for every segment of traders like beginners, traders not know Greeks, and also for advanced traders who want to develop strategy but do not have knowledge about backtesting. The author of this book is Roji Abraham and it is available on both Kindle as well as paperback. This book is very helpful for beginners who want to learn from scratch about options trading and earn a handsome income consistently every month. This Book is written by one of India’s most famous market analysts and trading experts, Ashwani Gujral.

How Can Stock Market Books Help Beginners As Well As Avid

For beginners looking to begin their investment journeys, this book is a must read. Each aspect from preparing to invest, how, when, whys to the long-term investment approach are included in the books. For investors, stock markets implement a plan to invest money to possibly receive a share of the business’s profits. The investors should also know the risks and possible troubles that can occur in the field of the business and share exchange. Participating investors and traders can simply buy and sell their contracts due to the ample liquidity in significant stock markets. Read and learn more about the stock market before you start your journey for it.

stock markets

As a beginner, you can always begin from the basic ideas, concepts and laws of the stock exchange to get a clear view of the field. Then gradually, you can move forward to read books that will help you with certain tactics and strategies to gain the stock exchange mantra. Usually, the share market books and other articles related to it can be found worldwide and everywhere with immense knowledge filled in it.

Books that make you moneywise. Moneycontrol recommendations – Moneycontrol

Books that make you moneywise. Moneycontrol recommendations.

Posted: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

These five stock books for beginners can prove conducive to acquaint with the US share market. However, you should always practice caution and discuss the latest happenings with reliable financiers before investing. To choose the best stock books for beginners, you should identify the unique aspect of the available options. This book has a ‘magic formula’ that can prove a sound investing strategy. Terms like arbitrage, intra-day trading, liquidity, or market capitalisation are daunting in the initial phase.

Best Tips For Long-Term Investing – 10 Key Steps To Make Money – Trade Brains

Best Tips For Long-Term Investing – 10 Key Steps To Make Money.

Posted: Thu, 19 Jan 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

It offers a comprehensive look into Warren Buffett’s approach to stock investment. This is an ideal book for individuals who are willing to begin learning from scratch. Other than this, it also makes it easier for you to understand a balance sheet, account statement, etc, and ultimately in checking the important ratios required for analysis. With the choice of the right strike price, to the factors impacting option value, one has to gain proper knowledge. The profits of Option trades attract many traders but one should not forget that is one of the riskiest forms of trading.

Fidelity best stock market books for beginners in indias’ star manager of the Magellan fund, Peter Lynch, has written another masterpiece. Individual investors seeking long-term value investments will find this book invaluable. An excellent resource to have on hand if you decide to take the plunge and invest on your own for the first time. Basic concepts like the construction of a successful portfolio and stock selection have been well explained by the author.

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